Cathrine Jensen: When you are saying goodbye and go on new adventures

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram takeover the other day, I already had to say goodbye to some of my friends. We were spending our last day together, celebrating that we finished our exams and my own “fake” birthday with a BBQ and cake by the river. We went swimming as well, and some were a little anxious about what the water might contain. However, as one of my friends said: “As long as you don’t jump directly down in the head of a freshwater croc, then it might end up dislocating your knee, besides that you are going to be fine.” So in we went.

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Lindsey Leathers: The Month of Mayhem


This month has been full of firsts:

  • My first birthday in another country. Turning 26 away from home made me homesick but I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made here. 
  • My first hammerhead dissection. Which was so amazing to be a part of. The focus was to study parasites that are found in the nose, gills, and stomach of hammerhead sharks. A very smelly, yet incredible experience. 
  • And unfortunately my first late assignment. With two presentations and a paper due within 3 days, it made for a difficult week. 

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Cathrine Jensen: Bungalow Bay Koala Village


I was so extremely lucky, that I won a prize in the international student selfie contest (even though my selfie skills are not particularly great, as you will see in a moment). The prize was a two-night stay in a bungalow in the koala village, Bungalow Bay on Magnetic Island. I scheduled the trip months ago and this weekend it was finally time to go… YES!

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