Lindsey Leathers: My First Field Trip


A trip to paradise

Earlier this month I had my first field trip with JCU to Orpheus Island Research Station. Its located only about 2 hours north of Townsville and yet feels like another world. The field trip was for a Sampling and Experiment Design subject created for masters students to better understand the design of research projects and the statistics that come with it. Continue reading

Carolyn Reimann: Salmon Creek


Aaron flicking a line in

For those of you who love a secluded beach and a perfect arvo (Aussie slang for ‘afternoon’) fish, this is the spot for you!

This hidden gem just 30 minutes south of Townsville is the best place to go after you have had a dip at Alligator Creek (see my last post). To get there you have to go through the small town of Cungulla to access the beach road.

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