Free Lunch at JCU


The person who said there is no such thing as a free lunch must not have been a JCU student! Students at JCU have enjoyed tons of BBQs, pizzas, hamburgers and more at the free lunch events offered at JCU. In the Townsville campus, students can enjoy a free lunch prepared by the International Student Support team during Free Lunch Fridays. In the Cairns campus, students are encouraged to come along the lawns outside A3 and enjoy a free lunch, catch up with friends or make new ones at Cairns Monthly Mingle.  Continue reading

Ramiro: Looking back on 2014

Ramiro Photo

Hi, there! The semester is nearly over, and while procrastinating about studying for exams I began thinking on everything that happened over the course of the semester.

I was involved with the Latin American Student Association and helped organise events on campus for other students to enjoy. I attended workshops which will be acknowledged on my graduate certificate. I also regularly attended Rendezvous Tuesday held every week. Continue reading