Lindsey Leathers: My First Field Trip


A trip to paradise

Earlier this month I had my first field trip with JCU to Orpheus Island Research Station. Its located only about 2 hours north of Townsville and yet feels like another world. The field trip was for a Sampling and Experiment Design subject created for masters students to better understand the design of research projects and the statistics that come with it. Continue reading

Lindsey Leathers: The Month of Mayhem


This month has been full of firsts:

  • My first birthday in another country. Turning 26 away from home made me homesick but I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made here. 
  • My first hammerhead dissection. Which was so amazing to be a part of. The focus was to study parasites that are found in the nose, gills, and stomach of hammerhead sharks. A very smelly, yet incredible experience. 
  • And unfortunately my first late assignment. With two presentations and a paper due within 3 days, it made for a difficult week. 

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Maria Andersen: Wake up call to the wanderlust

gbr4 2

When you’re at school it doesn’t matter whether you’re an undergraduate in medicine or a post-graduate in biology, sometimes you lose sight of the opportunities in front of you and eventually, you lose track of the days. Even if you’re a wanderlust explorer far away from home, it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of being a full-time student: wake up, go to class, eat, study, sleep (maybe), repeat.

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John: a sweet field trip

Photo 1My first field trip was to Townsville Port and Invicta Sugar Mill in April. The experience was a part of my assessment with the aim for us to see firsthand the process of a supply chain  in the sugar industry.

We left campus at 9 am sharp on two coaches. Everyone dressed up in long sleeves shirt and long pants with closed-in shoes.

We visited Townsville Port first. Our tour guide showed us different sections and berths around the port and what commodity is exported in each berth. We then visited the Bulk Sugar Terminal where raw sugar transported by Queensland rail from Invicta mill is received and stored, weighed and then exported overseas.  Continue reading