Lindsey Leathers: End of Semester Blues


It feels like I just got here but now Its the end of the semester. The workload from assignments is weighing down and when it almost feels like its too much, the questions of “why am I here?” and “why am I doing this to myself?” keep repeating in my head. Luckily, with friends feeling the same way, we are able to sympathize and encourage each other for the reasons we decided to continue our education: to make our oceans a better place and to help give ourselves better options for a career. 

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Cathrine Jensen: Here I am, this is me!

Since this is my first post, I thought I’d start by introducing myself to you guys, so I won’t just be a girl behind a screen. My name is Cathrine, Anne Cathrine to be exact. I have experienced a lot of firsts. First stepped on earth 24 years ago, invaded this country 1.5 months ago, saw a koala 3 weeks ago, ate vegemite 12 hours ago, finished my first assignment 34 minutes ago and choked on milk while laughing 10 seconds ago.

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Alejandra: Marine studies and the best of me

I am from Venezuela, a beautiful country in the north of South America. Venezuela has incredible marine ecosystems. I recently traveled back there to remind myself why I decided to move to Australia and study at JCU. It was very important for me to keep that in mind. Venezuela’s economy is heavily determined by combustible fossil exploitation. These activities present a high risk to certain aspects of the Venezuelan environment. Marine organisms require clean water to survive, and sometimes the fossil exploitation threatens various wildlife and corals. I came to James Cook University to do a PhD on coral reefs. I am focusing on coral-associated bacteria, but since I live here I have been constantly exposed to diverse research areas such as coral and fish physiology, human impacts on the environment, social development, conservation and management of these ecosystems. During my time in JCU, I have witnessed how different research areas can come together in order to protect the coral reefs. The research and lessons conducted at JCU would greatly benefit the coral reefs in Venezuela.  Continue reading