Carolyn Reimann: Croc Spotting

Crocs. They are the most terrifying, yet most interesting animals that I have come across. I had never been exposed to crocodiles back in Detroit, we don’t have much dangerous wilderness outside of potholes back there. Since being in far north Queensland I have developed a bit of an obsession with these animals. While you are in Australia you have the unique opportunity to see some crocs, not only in captivity but in the wild.

Carolyn standing near Crocodile

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Julia: JCU Field Trip Adventures

CTR Fieldtrip

Last weekend consisted of course field trips! On Friday there was a tour to the Daintree National Park. It was an opportunity to learn on site and outside our comfort zone. I was part of a small group of about 20 people. Our lecturer turned up wearing a very fashionable red hat and was very motivated to teach. The trip to the site followed a route along the coast, offering a wonderful view over the ocean and beaches out one window and the tropical forest out of the other window.  Continue reading