Olivia Lee: Clubs and Societies at JCU

While you’re at JCU, joining a club/society is something you can consider because it gives you an opportunity to meet other like-minded students. I’ve tried my best to make this list after contacting people from different disciplines, so I hope I’ve captured a larger portion of the Uni. Nevertheless, I’ve definitely missed out on a few clubs and possibly added a few non JCU-affiliated ones, so here we go!   Continue reading

Olivia Lee: Cyclone Diaries

Cyclone Diary in Townsville

The sunsets leading up to the cyclone

Before coming to Queensland my home in Malaysia rarely got any natural disasters. We were in a region of the country that was sheltered from the brunt of the annual monsoon floods and very much out of the Ring of Fire. When I thought of cyclones, cows flying in the wind and tornadoes were my only impression. The general response I got from people (as with any case) was extremely divided and while there were people frantically stocking up on water, there were just as many people shrugging their shoulders and playing basketball whilst newscasters commented about the apathy of residents to evacuate low-lying areas. (Note: that last one happened on the live news in Townsville!) Continue reading

Olivia Lee: 10 animals you can find at JCU

Each country has a stereotype attached to it that people tend to embrace and vehemently play up or get irritated by. With Australia, things like beaches, laidback people, and dangerous animals are the first thoughts that would come across someone’s head. While I’ll leave the first two for you to judge, I will confirm that dangerous animals do exist in Australia and swatting insects is pointless because they aren’t scared of you here. Coming from someone with limited terrestrial biology experience and a penchant to yell when surprised by reptiles, I still agree that all wildlife is amazing to witness, some are simply easier to appreciate than others, and here at JCU you can spot a plethora of insects, birds, and mammals. Continue reading

Olivia Lee: Timetables and Enrolment


Flying back to Townsville to start the semester is always bittersweet. I’ll be away from family, friends, and food again, but I’ll also be reunited with the new life I’ve made in Australia. What makes it more bitter is having to go through the subject enrollment process again because I take ages to decide which subjects to do since my Bachelor of Marine Science degree does grant me more flexibility and electives. I remember being exasperated with the different student pages there seemed to be in my first semester and thought I’d write a post to explain what all these pages were as well as some tips on timetables and enrollment. Continue reading

Olivia Lee: The Nitty Gritty of Road Trips

received_1843908462521814You’ll be seeing a lot of this on road trips.

One of the many things Australia is famous for is its huge distance between cities and towns. When the country is the size of the continent it’s considered normal for a trip to the nearby grocery store to take several hours in some regions. A flipside from this geographical blip is that long road trips are inevitable and it gives you the opportunity to stop at fun sites and small towns along the way! Most of my friends have driven down the East Coast of Australia fromTownsville to Melbourne while some have chosen to drive North of Townsville to the Waterfall Circuit, Paluma National Park, and Cape Tribulation.

A few things that I’ve learnt for any future road trips I’ll be planning is that… Continue reading