Klara Lindström: My journey to JCU

Hello everyone!

My name is Klara Lindström and I am studying Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in marine biology. I came to JCU about a year ago and this is my first blog post so I thought I would introduce myself and share my story of how I ended up here at JCU.

I am almost 21 and I come from Vaxholm, an island just outside of Stockholm in Sweden. I’m an upbeat person that loves being out in nature and marine biology is my big passion! I’m always excited about things and I would definitely call myself a big nerd which I’m really proud of! I’m a very friendly character and I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences here in Australia with you guys!

I finished high school back home in Sweden in 2016 and I knew already then that I wanted to study marine biology at JCU. I wanted to challenge myself and I had heard that JCU was the best place to study marine biology.

An agency back home called Study Abroad helped me with my application and I was also very fortunate to have amazingly helpful contacts in Australia (Thank you Woendi Hampton and Heather Robson for being amazing and making my journey here possible!). I prepared for about a year coming here and it was quite hard to believe that I was going to the other side of the world to study what I love!

Feeling both nervous and excited I stepped on the plane to Australia in June 2017. A new chapter of my life was starting! Arriving in Townsville was a new experience for me because I had never been to a tropical country before and the first things a noticed was the bright sun, warm feeling and dry grass and palm trees everywhere. Everyone I met was really nice and helpful and I quickly made a lot of friends.

I stayed at the college Rotary International House for my first semester and I was really happy with that choice. Living on college made it really easy to make friends and there are a lot of people to give you advice of where to go shopping, how to take the bus and fun activities you can do outside uni work. I would definitely recommend staying on college for at least a semester to get familiar with Townsville and make heaps of friends!

When you are all new to a strange place I think it is really important to take chances to get the most out of your experience no matter if you are here for your whole degree or just one semester.

I thought I might give you a few tips of things I did in my first year to meet new people and have some fun. Café International is an event on campus that happens every Tuesday and here you can get free coffee, make new friends, learn about different cultures and play games. It is lead by the International Support Team on campus and the event is always heaps of fun and a great way to relax your brain in between classes.

Also make sure to follow different uni Facebook pages for other events happening like free food, workshops, sports events etc. Definitely join a club that interests you! There are heaps of different clubs with a variety of science clubs, cultural clubs, sports and clubs that just do things that interests them.

After being here in Australia for more than a year now I do not regret at all coming here to study marine biology. It is definitely the best decision I have ever made! I hope all of this might help you who are thinking of coming to JCU and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my experience here at JCU with you guys!


Klara 😊

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