Carolyn Reimann: Hamilton Island Race Week

Back in 2016 I was able to take part in Hamilton Island Race Week.

I wanted to write a post before the week began (August 18-25th) in case anyone reading this was free that week and up for a unique and wonderful experience!

I was selected for my involvement in rural health, a rural generalist who owned a boat that was going to be racing wanted to invite a student to join on one of the Whitsunday Yacht Weeks. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

I have never sailed before outside of the Twilight Sailing (will do a post about this in 2 weeks time). So I was a complete rookie. I had also never been to the Whitsundays before so it was a wonderful experience.

How to get to Hamilton Island:

-Plane –> there are flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Hamilton Island

-Ferry –> as a uni student I went with this option

-Boat- if you have a friend with a boat this would be the cheapest option


What I did:

I slept on the boat and raced every day. It is humpback whale migration season at this time of year so we had humpback whales guide us to the start line. There was a whole bunch of different events going on for that week. Live music, dancing, and racing. If you have any previous sailing experience you could rock up and try to find a boat that will take you. As this race week isn’t as competitive. We got 3 of our crew from people who just bought a ferry ticket over and went around looking for a boat that would take them to the crew. The mornings were spent racing, the days were spent out on the water swimming in the bright blue, exploring places like Whitehaven beach, and dancing the night away.


For more information about the week go to

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