Cathrine Jensen: When in Tokyo – My last blog post

Hey everyone,

It has been a while since the last blog post, and there is a good reason for that. I officially ended my semester at JCU and moved on to new adventures. Before going back to Denmark, where I am from, I went to both Melbourne and Tokyo. I was so lucky that I got to spend my 25th birthday in Tokyo, it was definitely an interesting day!

Melbourne is a beautiful city, I really enjoyed the Melbourne Star, and the Queen Victoria Market. It is also very interesting to walk around at night, and look at all the street art. Art being what it is, and not “just” graffiti. I had a week in Melbourne before moving on to Tokyo.

Where Melbourne was a lot like Townsville culture wise, just colder, Tokyo was completely different. A thing you realize very quickly is, that 95% of all signs are not written in English, and it could say “elephant” or “steak”, most of the time you have no idea. Furthermore, people also talk to you in Japanese even though you are standing there, looking like a big question mark. The Japanese people are also very welcoming and nice, but it is in a different way from experienced in Australia. I ate a lot of sushi in Tokyo, you kinda have to, but one night we were at a show at The Robot Restaurant. The Robot Restaurant is a place you must visit when in Tokyo, it is very surreal and even though I am back in Denmark now, I don’t think I have fully understood what it is I said yes to just yet.

As I just mentioned, I am now back in Denmark. It was nice to go home, I think I was ready. Studying abroad is hard, however, also totally awesome. You meet new people, get new friends, experience a lot of crazy things, within a relatively short amount of time.

When the semester ends people start to leave, and you realize that some of them you most likely will never see again, and others you will not see for a very very long time. The people you meet when studying abroad are often from different places in the world, which also means you will know people from destinations you might travel to in the future.

My semester at JCU was amazing and I am so happy and grateful that I got to experience it. Even though I had kind of a rough start, it was totally worth it in the end. It has been weird returning home, first I need to get used to people talking Danish all around me, and I need to change my response from “sorry” and “thank you” to the Danish “undskyld” and “tak”. Another thing I have noticed is, that even though the Danish people are polite and nice, it is in a different way, like with the Japanese people.

For the final words of my final blog post, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to go to JCU and for the lovely people I have met while staying there.

I will see ya later!


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