Carolyn Reimann: Glacier Rock

Glacier Rock is my go to hike in Cairns!


I love hiking and being outdoors, so when I first moved to Cairns one of the first things I googled was “where to go hiking in Cairns” and this site came up which told me about the Glacier Rock path.

This trek has become a guaranteed stress relief for me. I put on some music and make my way up to the top.

You travel through the rainforest, then over the Kuranda Scenic Railway (the stairs here are the worst!), along a red dirt road, and then finally up to the lookout.

The best part I think about this hike is that you never really know how far you have gone/where you are. So I really get to be lost in nature. But lost in a spiritual finding yourself lost, the track itself is well marked!

When I’m really fit I like to run this trek. I can do it in an hour when fit, normally I do it in an hour and a half. However, I am a fast hiker. When I’ve done it with friends down and back has been closer to 2 hours, and this is with fit friends. So if you’re all about taking your time and enjoying the walk I’d expect 3 hours.


A few things about this hike:

  1. It was once part of a network of trails that the Djabugay Aboriginal people used to travel up from the coast to the Tablelands. They used the tracks in this area for trade, seasonal food gathering and to visit ceremonial sites.
  2. The track was one of the main routes used by early European settlers (gold miners, cattle drovers and railway workers) to open up the hinterland and connect it with the coast. The Douglas track is a historic trail and along with the Smiths track and the McDonalds track makes up a network of walking tracks through the Barron Gorge National Park.
  3. I would recommend bringing a water bottle, I’ve taken friends who didn’t think they’d need one and then I ended up sharing with them
  4. The best part is you can end the hike by swimming at Stoney Creek!


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