Cathrine Jensen: When you are saying goodbye and go on new adventures

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram takeover the other day, I already had to say goodbye to some of my friends. We were spending our last day together, celebrating that we finished our exams and my own “fake” birthday with a BBQ and cake by the river. We went swimming as well, and some were a little anxious about what the water might contain. However, as one of my friends said: “As long as you don’t jump directly down in the head of a freshwater croc, then it might end up dislocating your knee, besides that you are going to be fine.” So in we went.

It is difficult describing the feeling of having a good time, while knowing that it is going to be the last time you see your friends, the people you have been living with, for a very very very long time. After the BBQ we headed out together, and afterwards, we spent the last couple of hours watching a movie and eating popcorn. The best way possible to end a day! My friends are now back home, and I am currently laying in a bed in an Airbnb in Cairns, flying to Bali on Tuesday. I guess there is something good about everything.

Yesterday we were out eating dinner at Grill´d, taking advantage of that JCUSA membership, and watching the sunset from the beach.

Today we were on a trip to Kuranda, the village in the Rainforest. I can really recommend going there, it is a lovely place. The Skyrail is a great way to get up there, the view is pretty and there are two stops along the way, where you can go see the rainforest. When you arrive in Kuranda, there is several markets and restaurants as well as wildlife parks and hiking trips through the rainforest.

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