Cathrine Jensen: You are going to make it!


We have officially started the exam period, and like a lot of you, I also have exams. I have actually had two exams already and have another two waiting for me within the next week. So, my days are very affected by studying for exams, feeling unprepared and praying that it is going to go well.

I have found that, making a schedule of what I needed to do each day, to make it through it all in time, helped me a lot, and made me able to relax at the end of the day. I am sure many of you are doing it already, but this is my first time doing it, second semester of my master degree, I know … I am brilliant 😉.

Apparently, I felt like it was a good idea to write the days in Danish and the studying in English, I don’t know if that was to make me feel like I was at home 😀

Different people memorize things different ways, for me, it is very helpful to first write notes by hand and then later write the most important models, equations, scientists and so on, on a post-it note and hang it on my door. So, every time I leave my room, I’ll have a look at them, maybe that method will work for you too – BTW I have also done some great studying in the bathroom!

Another important thing is, to let yourself have a break in between studying, whether it is watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, eating gelato at Juliette’s, getting a pedicure or drinking a smoothie with your friends at Stockland, it does not matter, as long as you allow yourself a little break.


A big thing contributing to my motivation is the adventures I know I have planned for myself afterward. I am going to Cairns, Bali, Melbourne and Tokyo, before I sadly return home to Denmark. However, the fact, that I know those trips are coming up, and I am SUPER excited for them, motivates me to keep working, and doing a good job (hopefully).

So, I really want to encourage you to plan an “I made it” – gift for yourself, that you can look forward too. It does not have to be travelling, that is just something I love doing, it can also be horseback riding at Maggie, going to Crystal Creek with your friends or something third you really enjoy. That was all I had, for now, now it is back to studying – I know y’all are killing it!

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