Carolyn Reimann: Salmon Creek


Aaron flicking a line in

For those of you who love a secluded beach and a perfect arvo (Aussie slang for ‘afternoon’) fish, this is the spot for you!

This hidden gem just 30 minutes south of Townsville is the best place to go after you have had a dip at Alligator Creek (see my last post). To get there you have to go through the small town of Cungulla to access the beach road.

*This requires a 4WD as you will be driving on the beach itself


The boys relaxing at Salmon

You can also camp along the beach and at designated camping sites. I would recommend to camp along the beach instead of on the sites off of the creek. Just because of mosquitos!

Around the area of Cape Cleveland, there is also Cocoa Creek which you can explore, it will take you around the North West part of the Cape where Salmon Creek is on the South East portion of it.


Every time I am in Townsville I have an arvo here. The fishermen may not appreciate me telling everyone about this treasure, but I need to share the best place in Townsville to watch the sun go down with everyone!

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