Cathrine Jensen: Bungalow Bay Koala Village


I was so extremely lucky, that I won a prize in the international student selfie contest (even though my selfie skills are not particularly great, as you will see in a moment). The prize was a two-night stay in a bungalow in the koala village, Bungalow Bay on Magnetic Island. I scheduled the trip months ago and this weekend it was finally time to go… YES!

The koala village is made up of bungalows that house 2-12 people, mostly in bunk beds, in each bungalow. Some of the bungalows have their own toilets and showers, otherwise, there is a main toilet building, which is the one I used and it worked perfectly fine. There is a kitchen available as well, which works the same way with this kitchen as any other hostel kitchen and they have the basic things you need to cook a meal.

Included in the package I won, was return tickets to the ferry, you must pick up at the terminal when you arrive and a welcoming drink in the deck bar next to the pool. A cold drink in the bar is the perfect way to start your weekend!

On Saturday I was on the “wildlife tour” which happens three times a day and is a presentation of the animals in the sanctuary, where you also get to hold some of the animals and take pictures with them. I have a message from the woman next to me though, be careful, the turtles do bite when you put your finger in their mouth. You also get to scratch the back of a koala and hold a snake. Jimmi, the snake is really friendly and soft to touch. I also made good friends with the red-tailed black cockatoo Shadow, I think he liked the sparkly shirt I wore that day.

On Sunday I did the “Breakfast with koalas” which is like the wildlife tour, the difference being, that you are eating breakfast in the sanctuary. You don’t have to do both the wildlife tour and the breakfast, but I would recommend the breakfast since there is more time with the animals and it is in a calmer setting. However, that is just my opinion, and if you want to do both, you should do it.

Snorkel hire was also in the package I got, but sadly the weather was not as nice and calm as the koala breakfast, so it was not really great snorkeling conditions.

Saturday night was trivia night, this is to bring the guests together and the winners get prizes. One of the other games that night was, who could make the best paper airplane and who could make it fly the longest. Yep, that was not me. My paper airplane making skills might be even worse than my selfie skills.

That was all, for now, I hope y’all had a great weekend I for sure did!

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