Carolyn Reimann: Alligator Creek



Sash & Aaron in the water and on the rocks

Alligator Creek is in Bowling Green Bay National Park, about 30 minutes South of Townsville.

I think this is one of the hidden secrets of Townsville, as just this past week when we went there, my friend Aaron who had lived in Townsville for 4 years had never been there! If you don’t feel up for an hour drive to Crystal Creek, but you want a croc-free freshwater dip, Alligator Creek is the place to go!

It’s a great place for a picnic or an arvo (Aussie slang for ‘afternoon’) sesh. And if you’re keen you can camp there too! Remember to make a booking online.



Alligator Falls


For those who want to do a bit more, there is a 17km hike to Alligator Falls, which I would highly recommend. The hike is flat and easy. You meander through fields with wild horses running around. I would recommend that you have loose fitting long sleeves and pants as you will be exposed to sun and mosquitos. Because it is a bit of a hike you are almost guaranteed to have the falls to yourself. For a swim, or just to read in the shade.


Aaron soaking up the sun

See ya later Alligator!

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