Lindsey Leathers: End of Semester Blues


It feels like I just got here but now Its the end of the semester. The workload from assignments is weighing down and when it almost feels like its too much, the questions of “why am I here?” and “why am I doing this to myself?” keep repeating in my head. Luckily, with friends feeling the same way, we are able to sympathize and encourage each other for the reasons we decided to continue our education: to make our oceans a better place and to help give ourselves better options for a career. 

I wasn’t expecting to feel this way but I’m glad to know I am not alone. School is already tough, add another country on the other side of the world and it becomes overwhelming. It’s an amazing opportunity to be here with beautiful places to visit but a challenge none the less. I’m just looking forward to the outcome of my decision to attend to JCU and to look back at the experiences. 

Support Team

When school gets you down, it’s important to take some time for friends. I’ve luckily found a great group of friends who are in the same degree as me. We are able to help each other out and bring each other up when we’re feeling down. One thing we do to escape school is potluck dinners. So far we’ve had two, an Italian and Mexican theme. My time at JCU would not be the same without my Marine Bio Family. What else helps with school anxiety is going on adventures, even if they are in your own town. 


Potluck Dinner

The Brighter Side

When life feels down, there’s an amazing paradise getaway in our backyard. Magnetic Island (or Maggie as the locals say) is a 20-minute ferry ride from Townsville. All you need is your student ID to get your discounted ferry ticket, and whatever else you like to bring for an adventure. 

With a few of my friends, we headed off to Maggie in the morning and started our adventure with the Forts Walk. Pro tip, make sure to make the bus when you get off the ferry because they won’t be back for an hour, then you’ll have to wait like us unless you want to grab a taxi. 

Since North Queensland is headed into winter, the weather was perfect. The Forts Walk trails lead you to ruins that were utilized during WWII and have many beautiful lookout points. Apparently, in August to October, you have the chance of seeing Humpback Whales. Needless to say, I will be going back. 



Drones are perfect for group pictures

Make sure to look up in the trees for koalas! There is a small population of wild koalas that live on Maggie Island and the Forts Walk is one of those places you can find them. We were lucky enough to see two of them! One was even close enough to take photos with, from a safe distance of course. It was adorable because one of the koala’s had his tongue sticking out. 

After our walk, we made our way to Alma Bay for some food and chill time at the beach. Since it’s the end of stinger (jellyfish) season, we weren’t afraid to go swimming. The beach made for a perfect ending to a great day. 


Alma Bay

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