Cathrine Jensen: Here I am, this is me!

Since this is my first post, I thought I’d start by introducing myself to you guys, so I won’t just be a girl behind a screen. My name is Cathrine, Anne Cathrine to be exact. I have experienced a lot of firsts. First stepped on earth 24 years ago, invaded this country 1.5 months ago, saw a koala 3 weeks ago, ate vegemite 12 hours ago, finished my first assignment 34 minutes ago and choked on milk while laughing 10 seconds ago.

I’m an international student from Denmark, so I’m used to cold weather, rain, snow, and wind .. if it hadn’t rained pretty much since I got here, I would say it is the complete opposite of Australia. So, for now, we’re are going to leave it at, almost the complete opposite.

Down under I’m studying primarily marine biology and James Cook is the perfect place to do that. I picked Australia because the environment here is unique to the rest of the world, and Townsville in particular because it is placed right next to Great Barrier Reef the world’s biggest Coral Reef – and the gelato is great. For a biologist, that is like being in heaven!                          Alright, that is enough about me. Since we got this one out of the way, I promise I’ll write about more exciting stuff next time.

P.S. Please don’t zoom in on my face on the picture… It’s sweaty because no, I haven’t gotten used to the heat yet.




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