Cassandra Flynn: Mid-Semester Holiday!

My Selfie with the cutest Wombat named Wanda

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it has reached mid-semester break. It feels like yesterday I was excited just to start my first week! I was lucky enough to not have field trips during my mid-semester break, which was just what I needed for my mom (mum) to visit. I have been away from home nearly 10 months now, and I couldn’t wait to see my mom in person again! I showed her around Townsville, to Magnetic Island and Billabong sanctuary, before we started on our real holiday!

We started off in Cairns, taking the Kuranda Railway through the rainforest. It was so beautiful it didn’t feel real. After our trip through the rainforest, we decided to head to some climate that we are used to, the Outback! The outback was such an incredible experience; hiking around Uluru, watching the sunset and camping under the stars was a dream come true. When our time was up in the Outback we headed back to Cairns to see some crocodiles and to obviously swim at the reef! You can’t come to Cairns and NOT see the reef! 


Overall, it was an awesome and a well- deserved holiday. Being able to experience it with my mom was even more special. Now, its time to head back to reality.

I have learned so much at JCU. I love the classes I am taking because they are courses I actually want to learn, and I am sad that they are coming to an end. While my holiday may be over, its time to make the most of the time I have left in Australia before leaving for good.

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