Lindsey Leathers: Mid Semester Already?

View from Riverview Tavern

Time is flying by

It feels like I just landed in Townsville with suitcases in hand, not a clue what to expect. Now, 7 weeks into semester and 2 months in Australia, it still doesn’t feel real to be here. The past few weeks have been filled with laughter, a 4 day Easter weekend, and an almost break down.

Stay in the net, it’s stinger season!

To celebrate our 4 day Easter weekend, we kicked it off with a spontaneous beach afternoon and I actually entered into the jellyfish waters, inside the swim net of course. I can now say I’ve been in the South Pacific Ocean. This was also the same day my household learned that we wouldn’t have internet, for the whole holiday weekend. Having a paper due and exam the following week made for a challenging weekend. I actually had to read instead of rely on Netflix. To wrap up the long weekend, my friends and I had our first pot-luck themed dinner. Friends and food make everything better, especially when you are across the world from home.


Dinner with the Marine Bio Family


Next, I had to worry about a stats exam, a fisheries report, and a quiz due all on the same day. Naturally, by Wednesday I was in freak out mode, wondering how to get it all done, and questioning my entire existence at school. Luckily, with the help of friends and housemates, I managed to get through the week in one piece. The end of my first hectic week was celebrated with a beer at uni bar (yes you read that right, there is a bar on campus) and relaxing.

The Commonwealth Games were going on and hosted in Australia this year, my understanding is that the games are like a mini version of the Olympics but fewer countries involved. Townsville is one of the cities chosen to host a festival in celebration of the games. They have live music, food, and small events going on. It reminds me of a much smaller state fair. I went this past Saturday night with some friends and we jammed out to a fun band called The Vaudeville Smash. They have a song called ‘Zombies at my Neighbors’, if that gives you an idea of how fun they were.

Artwork at the Commonwealth Games Festival

Festival Stage

Now, at the start of week 8, I can’t believe we already have our lecture break next week and are already planning for next semester.

More like home

After 2 months of living in Townsville, I am finally feeling more comfortable. Australian slang isn’t completely strange anymore and school doesn’t feel as intimidating. I still catch myself wondering what would’ve happened if I staying in my comfort bubble in San Diego and asking why I’m putting myself through this chaos, but I remind myself of the amazing opportunities that are here. Life is a journey, and I’m excited to be along for the ride. Even when that means leaving comfort behind.

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