Katherine Lasdin: Study Break Bali Trip

Hey guys! So during the study break, like many internationals, I went away to Bali! I was immediately impressed with the amount of detail and respect required there. The temples had so much detail, and rules requiring what was and was not appropriate clothing. I stayed in a Airbnb villa, and it was super nice! We had two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining/kitchenette, and a pool! Even though we didn’t spend much time there it was nice coming home to our own place each night. We were secluded, but within walking distance of markets and restaurants.

There is so much to do but, if you haven’t been, I would recommend all the temples and of course the monkey forest! I went to a smaller forest that has better control of the monkeys. The monkeys are fed peanuts instead of bananas! We got to hold the monkeys and of course feed them! I was surprised by how heavy they are.

However, my favourite thing that I got to do was snorkel with Manta rays. We went to Manta Point of Nusa Penida, and it was incredible. We saw ten rays, and they were larger than a small car.  After finishing snorkelling with the rays, we headed to dive on corals! Most of the corals were growing horizontally and there was every colour one could imagine!

Bali was incredible, but I was happy to return to Uni, especially with finals so close. I cannot believe my semester is coming to an end, but I am so incredibly happy that I got to experience life here in Australia. I hope all your finals go well and that you all had a great semester!


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