Edith Shum: Pallarenda; The perfect day trip

Pallarenda- the perfect day trip
A day’s worth of activities just minutes away from Townsville!

Pallarenda is a small beachside suburb just minutes away from the heart of Townsville. Here you’ll find many opportunities to relax on a stunning beach, cool down with a swim, get your heart pumping with some mountain biking, hike up the many trails for a stunning view, or even give kite surfing a try!

The best part is that you can easily get to Pallarenda without a car. Just stroll down the well-marked path that hugs the coastline from the Strand with your bike and you’ll be there before you know it. Leave early so you’ll have plenty of time to explore!

After a dip in the ocean, make your way towards the walking trails. I highly recommend the Many Peaks Trail-  a 6km track that takes you to the summit of Mount Marlow (213m). Here you’ll get a 360° view of Pallarenda and beyond. Return by taking the Lagoon trail or the Freshwater trail to only be surrounded by the stunning wetlands.

With incredible views, lots of wildlife to spot, and the close proximity to Townsville, count on Pallarenda to make your next trip one not to forget!

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