Edith Shum: 5 Hidden Gems around Townsville

It’s time to explore this wonderful city from a different perspective!

I have to admit, when I first heard a name like “Townsville”, I wasn’t expecting much. It’s not exactly a place you think of that would have a booming night life, live music, or incredible spots for brunch. But at the end of the day, it’s all about perspective and how you can make the most of it. So instead of looking for all the familiar perks in big cities, I have discovered a few of what I like to call ‘hidden gems’ in Townsville. These are places that I’m sure will get your friends outside of Townsville to finally come to you instead. Here are my top 5 favourites so far:

  1. Wednesday Twilight Sail  – This is seriously one not to miss. I didn’t believe such a thing existed when I first heard about it. Here’s

    the breakdown: Every Wednesday at the Townsville Yacht Club, there is what is called a social Twilight Sail. Just go up to the bar around 4:30pm, and tell them you are interested in going for a sail. For only $10, they assign you to one of the club members’ boats, and you’re off for a cruise during the sunset. It’s an absolute steal, and has been one of my most memorable nights here in Townsville. And depending on the club, you’ll probably be helping out a little during the sail. Bring a snack and some drinks and you’ll be ready for the bumpy ride and some old school tunes.

  2. Mount Douglas– Need a break from uni? This is the perfect little hike to destress a little and get the heart going. The trail starts right behind Uni Hall, and the view at the top is one not to miss (a great place for sunset viewing too!)
  3. Ross River Rope Swing – Cross the bridge on Bruce Hwy, and follow the path towards Aitkenvale. You’ll eventually see a tree with a rope hanging down from it (there’s usually a bunch of kids showing you how it’s done). Here you’ll face your fear of heights by jumping off the tree and swinging like Tarzan. Not bad for an afternoon break! 
  4. Castle Hill – I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. Situated right in the city, there’s plenty of trails to give a go. Once you get to the top, it’ll offer a stunning 360 view of Townsville. Now what could be better than that? For those who climb, it’s a great spot to set up and boulder around as well!
  5. Mount Stuart- Also not far from uni, it’s not only a great place to go for climbing, but an incredible place to watch the sunset and do a little star gazing! If you’re a morning person, why not check out the sunrise as well?

    Don’t forget about all the wonderful swimming spots around the city too! Remember, it’s all about working with what you got and not what you don’t have!

And just to share my obsession with sea turtles a little, here’s a fun fact for you:

Green sea turtles are “green” not because of the shell color which is actually olive to black but rather from the color of their fat!

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