Katherine Lasdin: Blog Post 3

I would not trade my time abroad for anything, but I am a home body. My family means everything to me, and I have missed some big events and will continue to miss some big events.

I was so lucky to have my family visit Australia last week. I really wanted them to get a small experience of my time here. During their time in the southern hemisphere they went to Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, and Auckland. I fortunately got to meet them in Cairns for 48 hours last week in between two field trips to Orpheus Island.

I really wanted them to see this beautiful country and see the reef before any more damage is done! While I was with them we toured around Cairns, went scuba diving on the outer GBR for a day long boat ride. The boat ride was incredible. I am a scuba diver, and they got to try diving! How awesome is that – their first diving experience was on the GBR. The last day with them we toured Kuranda. We did the sky rail tour and a scenic train ride. It was really cool to see the rainforest. It amazes me that there was so much greenery without much human impact.

I will never forget how lucky I am to have had my family come visit me while I was abroad. The hours might have been few, but the memories were great! If you are missing your family, just remember they are missing you even more.

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