Introducing Katherine Lasdin

Hey ya’ll I’m your travel loving, adventure seeking, Bostonian studying at JCU for a single semester. I am from North Reading, Massachusetts (USA) and study at the University of Maine. And surprise surprise like many international students I am a marine science major. Hey I love the ocean, and we really cannot survive without them.

Ever since I was little I have wanted to travel to Australia. Australia was the land of the unknown with the unique and beautiful sights, koalas, kangaroos, marine life, and water that flushes the opposite way! 🙂

Even though I have always wanted to come here I was nervous, but who wouldn’t be. I came to JCU through a program called International Studies Abroad. They have been one of the greatest things about Australia. We were welcomed with smiling faces who understood our nerves, exhausted eyes, and excited vibes.

Our first week in Australia was exhausting. I arrived in Brisbane at 10:30am after 27.5 hours of travel. We had 4 PACKED days in Byron Bay meeting Aboriginal people, kayaking, surfing, hiking, light house tours, swimming, visiting organic farms, and learning the culture and slang of Australia. Byron Bay is absolutely amazing and so laid back. On the way to Townsville we visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where I got to pet my first kangaroo!!

Fast forward, and I cannot believe I have been in this beautiful country for 7 weeks. I have grown so much and completed so much! I have loved my time here at JCU and Australia!

I hope you are all having a great semester so far, and have a safe semester recess.

Katherine 🙂


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