Introducing Edith Shum

Hi there!

If you like turtles, rock climbing, hiking, travelling, or simply find joy in eating cheese, apples,
kale, or any food really, then we’re pretty much the same person. My name’s Edith Shum, and I’m a new graduate student from Canada studying Marine Biology and Ecology (surprise, surprise). It’s now my third time in what my friends constantly remind me as a place with ‘lots of spiders and things that can kill you’, and well, despite those remarks, I’ve still been calling Australia home ever since my first visit in 2015. Graduate school in Australia has always been a huge dream of mine and now that I am living the dream, it’s hard to put into words how extremely grateful I am to be here. For me, it has always been about the sea turtles. To the extent of having a twitter account just dedicated to turtle facts, I’ve been chasing after these gentle giants from a young age. With 6 out of the 7 marine turtle species in the world found here in Australia, there’s really no better place to be!

Despite finally moving away from the cold, and missing it almost instantly as I stepped outside to the heat and high humidity, I’m thrilled to be able to spend the next year and a half here at JCU. Whether it be rock climbing up Mount Stuart, or going for a dive on the Great Barrier Reef, or even a road trip out to the many swimming holes around here, you’ll always find me looking for the next adventure. Meeting people from around the world is something I love doing, so if you are ever looking for a chat, don’t be shy to give me a shout- you’ll likely find me hiding in any air conditioned building. So here’s to all the incredible memories to be made. I look forward to sharing my stories and obsession with sea turtles with you!

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