Sydney Jones: JCU Townsville Packing List



Packing to live in a different country for a while is difficult, especially when the weather and climate is entirely different to where you are from (shout out to those who come to Townsville from the Northeastern part of the states or even Scandinavian countries, y’all are the real MVPs). I’ve grown up in extreme heat my whole life being from Texas so I’m fairly used to it, but let me be real with y’all… Townsville/ Far north Queensland is HOT like scorching hot. This is especially important for those who come here in February, which is still very much summer here. Starting in February the humid heat lasts until about May, from May to September is basically the equivalent of spring/ autumn in the states (hot during day, nice breeze at night) and somewhere in July there is about a week of winter, this is the tropics after all. Even though the temperatures don’t seem that extreme until December/ January you can just feel the sun here so much more and the humidity just makes it pretty rough at times.

Now I know some of you are reading this and going “Yes this is exactly what I need and want” because you have most likely been cold your whole life, so cheers Townsville is perfect for you! For others this might be sounding pretty negative but I will be the first to say that even though it is bloody hot at times we survive and I even live in a place with no air conditioning, so if I can do it you can too. Obviously whenever you’re packing for any trip the weather/climate is a major concern and possibly the general style of the place you are traveling to. Generally speaking Townsville is a pretty casual place so if you’re researching what Australians wear and looking at places like Sydney or Brisbane you’re going to be getting a sense of the style here in big cities. Here is a list of things I think are worth bringing if you are planning to come and live in Townsville.




Swim suit- called ‘bathers’ or ‘togs’ here

Thongs- yes I do mean flip flops

Sunnies- The UV rays are harsh so better protect those eyes

Dresses- casual dresses are probably the most practical thing for girls to wear

A sweater/ sweatshirt- whether its for those cool nights or long days in the library

Camera- to capture all your best moments

Jeans- again it does get cool at night sometimes and good for traveling down south

Tank tops and shorts- duh

A nice outfit- for birthdays, formals (International Ball) , or just a Saturday night out

Athletic clothes- Australians are very fit

There are many other things to add to this list and a lot of it is self explanatory but if you’re curious to what the style is here I will explain a bit. People here tend to dress well on a day to day basis, Townsville has that comfortable cool style. I came from a southern school where I looked homeless going to class half the time and the other half was spent in big shirts and shorts. When it comes to going out on the town there are more casual nights and then the weekends tend to up the stakes a bit in terms of what people wear. When packing keep in mind that you will want to buy some clothes here. Townsville has a lot of cute boutiques.

img_193014642288_10207550060458729_8658673779053142973_n  Keep in mind while you are packing that you will probably be traveling a bit. This means bringing a duffel or backpack for your weekend trips and clothes that fit where you will be traveling. For example if you are traveling down south to Sydney or Melbourne or even to New Zealand it is a bit colder so bringing clothes for cold weather should not make you feel like you are over packing.

The style is not that different to the style in the states or in Europe so that should not be as big of a concern but I know it was something I was curious about before I came so I thought I’d include it in this. I’m adding some pictures to hopefully give a sense of what students wear here both in every day situations and in particular ones. Hope this post is helpful!




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