Rishab Pillai: Its crunch-time and you’re not alone!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, time flies when you’re having fun, or in the case for all of us, when we’re studying.  Which brings us to the end of Week 7! Well done everyone on making it through the first half of the semester! This also brings us to the phase where there’s barely any time to chill. Whether, its assignments, tests or presentations, this is usually a tough phase of the semester and we are expected to bring out our ‘A game’ to work through this phase. As much as we may hate it now, such phases make us efficient time managers and will prepare us to be an asset to any workforce!

No matter how busy or tough it gets, its most important for all of us to know that we are not alone in this. We are all learning and asking for help is part of the learning process. Fortunately for us, there’s a range of support and guidance available! No matter how good we are with the range of skills that are required at university, there’s always scope for improvement, as you’ve heard, The learning never stops………. So I figured I’d highlight the range of help available to us and hopefully it will be as helpful to rest of you as it was for me!

Monday/ Wednesday Writing Workshops

You can attend either one of the workshops and it covers a certain aspect of writing every week. I was surprised, how I made certain errors constantly and how it changed the overall presentation of my report. Now that it has been brought to my notice through these workshops, make a conscious effort to incorporate the things I have learnt here. This has changed the final drafts of my assessments and there’s a visible change in the flow of my writing. I can now accurately communicate my ideas in the clearest and concise way possible. A technique I developed by attending these workshops was writing on the basis of a flow chart, which lead to me naturally getting a flow into the information being conveyed.  I know during this period we can be tight on time, however, do try and attend one of these. I cannot express how helpful these workshops have been!

Saturday Write Time

It’s perfectly normal for us to get distracted and procrastinate when we are in the comfort of our houses. Also, with the ocean of information on the internet, it’s extremely easy to get distracted. If you agree with me on this, the Saturday writing workshops are the best thing that could happen to us. Twice a month, from 9 30am to 2 30pm on Saturday, you can rock up to one of these sessions. This isn’t a workshop or class where you have information thrown at you constantly, it’s just an informal setting where you can work on your assignments and there’s a learning advisor there to help you. The atmosphere is perfect to get even the most distracted person (I am referring to myself) to study and is a great option if you want to get some work done. In my experience, the work I did during this time, didn’t require changes and I was confident of what I had written. This saved me a lot of time editing my work.

Drop- in service desk

When we work on assignments, we probably are reading the same information multiple times. This for me, poses a major hurdle to try and gaze the quality of what I have written. Getting an opinion from another person is often what we need! Getting family and friends to help maybe an option, however, this does not always ensure you are meeting expectations of your area of study! So if you need help with how to approach and structure an assessment and also provide you with some direction related to academic reading and writing, the drop- in service desk in the library is a great option. You can take your assessment instructions, criteria and your draft/final work to get it checked by a learning advisor. This service is available from 10am to 4pm every day, which is convenient when it comes to fitting a slot in your busy schedules.

It is important to remember that these sources of help are more writing and presentation related. If you have any doubts regarding certain concepts or what you have included in your assignment, your lecturer should be your first point of contact. This is the most important aspect and the support services mentioned can help better your work. They say we learn from our mistakes, however, with all the help available at JCU, we have the option of avoiding them. Happy studying everyone!

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