Helena Xiang: Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo: Choosing a college to live on

Choosing a place to stay is a tough decision to make. This is especially true if you’re moving out for the first time. My fellow blogger Olivia Lee has a nice post on “off college vs on college living” which you can find here: https://jcuconnect.com/2016/05/26/olivia-lee-on-campus-vs-off-campus-living/#more-1766.

Unfortunately, the way the residence websites were set up didn’t make the process any easier. It might have been because I’m not that great with technology, but I found that the Residence websites were hard to navigate when I was trying to decide which one to apply to. They didn’t really have all the information that I needed to make an informed decision, and required quite a few emails for clarification. Visiting the colleges personally would have made the entire process easier, however that was not possible in my case. I can only comment on the two colleges I’ve seen, but hopefully what I write in this post will help anyone who is still deciding.

George Roberts Hall (GR)

It’s very nice, and one of the newer colleges on campus. The rooms are set up like an apartment room. You would be sharing a bathroom, and common area with about 2 other people. Each person would have their own bedroom, furnished with a bed, wardrobe, shelves, and a nice desk. The common area has nice sofas, a TV, and a microwave. Meals are catered and quite close to most lecture halls. They also have a basketball court, beach volleyball net, table tennis set, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the social environment because I don’t live there, but the set up of the college is really nice.

 University Hall

This is the college I live on, and I was quite confused about the layout when I was applying here. This college is split into two main sections: the townhouses, and the main hall. I live in the Townhouses.viewbedroom

The townhouses are nice for people who enjoy more of a quiet atmosphere and prefer to live away from the party. There are noise level rules put into place in this area of the college that don’t apply in the main hall meaning the townhouses are a lot quieter. Personally, I feel this makes it the perfect place to study. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely quiet and isolated. You’d still be able to hear the parties on the other colleges and the main hall as well, just more muffled.view-2kitchen

I personally prefer the setup of the townhouses over the setup of the main hall. Most townhouses have 2 floors, but you can only access the floor you live on. Each room on the upper level has a mini balcony, and the common room also leads out to a larger balcony. This is unavailable if you live on the ground floor. On each floor, you would share 2 bathrooms with around 7 people. There’s a washing machine (no dryer) on each floor, and a kitchenette that you would be sharing with those 7 people. The kitchenette includes a kettle, a fridge, and a microwave. Depending on which townhouse or floor you’re on, you may be lucky enough to get a stove as well. The common area has a TV, sofas, and a table with chairs. The rooms have a wardrobe, a study area (desk and shelves), and a bed. Some rooms have sinks as well (with smaller wardrobes), but the rooms are all the same size.

The main hall is where most of the on-college events take place. It’s much louder, and has a more social atmosphere. There are theatre rooms, a kitchen, a gym, and washing machines and dryers on the ground floor of the building (which people who live in the townhouses have access to as well). The bathrooms are shared with an entire floor of people (I’m not sure how many, but it’s definitely more than 10 people). Every room (except the premium rooms located on the ground floor) have balconies like the townhouses. The rooms are set up similarly to the townhouses as well.

The premium rooms are set up kind of like GR. It’s styled like an apartment, and the rooms are also very large (around twice the size of the regular rooms). The also share common areas with less people.

Like GR, Uni hall is catered, and cleaning staff clean rooms and floors regularly. Uni hall is also very close to lecture halls, the library, and bus stops. Maybe even closer to these facilities than GR. It’s convenient, and the scenery around the college is also very nice. The staff are also very  nice and helpful.

There are other colleges on campus, including the private ones (which I’ve heard are very nice). Again, I won’t be writing about these colleges because I’ve never been inside and don’t really know what it’s like. But, if you were considering living on campus, hopefully this post gave you more information on the layout of Uni hall and GR and will help you with you’re decision. 🙂

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