Riccardo Fiume: STRAYA… You are expensive! (but no worries)

received_1120747774670740Good’ay everyone! Being a student and travelling at the same time is amazing but (yeah there’s a BUT) you have to find out same way to manage your budget. Australia is not so cheap (a six pack of beer 20 $?!?) and if you don’t want to depend on your parents because you want to try to be independent … good luck!

First of all you can easily find a job that will not clash with your classes. Also if you want to save some money you can buy a bike or a longboard (not for everyone) so you are not going to waste money on public transport.

Anyway, you have to decide you’re your adventures and plan them depending on your money.






I waited 6 weeks to go to Magnetic Island for the first time and trust me if I say that I wish had done it a long time ago maybe sacrificing some crazy nights out. This weekend was incredible! Maggie’s vegetation it’s spectacular and of course the wildlife. The funny thing that happened to me last Sunday was that I had met a Canadian girl during the ferry trip and once landing we had decided to spent the day together.

So, with my German friend Max, we had been to Bungalow Bay Koala Village that is an hostel but also a little nature reserve for rescued animals (particularly Koalas). And then we decided to do the tour into the wildlife park…brilliant idea! It’s a really tiny place but you can stay close to a lot of animals and that makes the experience unique and unforgettable. I didn’t cuddle a koala because I could take a photo without paying 18$ babysitting him that he would be probably poop on me. As I said before…You have to choose your experiences by checking your budget!

Last but not least we went to Horseshoe Bay, we climbed a few rocks and then we  waited  for the sunset… the boats, the clouds started getting pink and orange in contrast with the green of the wildlife, it painted an unforgettable postcard in my memories.


Thanks Maggie! See ya fam!

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