Yasmine DeSouza: Fun Runs and Gelato Flowers

IMG_7574Greetings everyone!

So I know some readers probably want to learn about Cairns and the area but in this blog post I’m going to talk about Sydney!

On Friday August 12, my roommate and I made a quick jaunt to Sydney for the weekend. It wasn’t a spontaneous trip, though. We traveled to NSW to run in the City2Surf 14k!

We were both pumped to be traveling someplace new and leaving schoolwork behind if only for a weekend. The flight was a short one being about two and a half to three hours long. Once there we had no problems navigating the city and using the metro. What I thought was interesting was their metro trains are double deckers! There are two floors on each train and they’re absolutely silent, or so it seemed, especially when compared to the trains in Boston.

The one thing that we weren’t quite prepared for was the cold! We are used to the warm winter here in Cairns that we thought Sydney would be the same but boy were we wrong! It was in the 50s (or low 10s in Celsius) the night we arrived. However being from the Northeast of the States I actually enjoyed the cold. It made me miss home a bit.

Saturday we headed to the fitness expo at the Royal Hall of Industries to pick up our bibs and then the rest of the day was spent exploring the city, seeing the famous sights like the Sydney Opera House. It was so beautiful and I just wish we had time to attend a show there. Maybe during the next visit! We also went to the Royal Botanic Garden and walked around there. One thing we had to get while in Sydney was a gelato flower. It was making the rounds on Facebook a few weeks prior so we made it a must on our checklist. It was definitely worth it too! With our run on Sunday morning we didn’t stay out late so there wasn’t much else we could see.IMG_7577

On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early, ready to run. We walked to the starting area, which was about 30 minutes away from our hostel, so we were nice and warmed up. There were over 80,000 runners taking part in the event so the energy there was amazing! The race was off and the course led us up and down Sydney, with many incredible views along the way. Finally, it all ended at the world famous Bondi Beach. What a way to end a race that was! Next thing we knew we were heading back to the airport and back to Cairns.IMG_7595

All in all, Sydney was awesome. If you have a free weekend during studies, I highly suggest traveling or maybe even partaking in a big event like a fun run. There’s no better way to make memories and explore Australia.

Until next post!

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