Riccardo Fiume: Settling in

I’ve been here in Townsville for 4 weeks (3 academic weeks + 1  week free) and it has been amazing! I mean there were ups and downs but it’s all a part of the journey… nothing goes as you imagine or as you wish it to, sometimes it’s better than you were expecting!

My advice? Get involved!

Join some clubs, plan trips and ask if someone wants to join you. If you live on campus learn the “rules” of your college… Be a part of everything. Connect yourself with people by talking, asking questions (even if you think it’s a stupid one) and being friendly. Don’t be scared of doing things remember that you will only be here for a limited period of time. Enjoy every second, look around you and embrace everything and everyone.

Snapchat-1367847359545800385Second suggestion? Don’t play Pokémon. I was horrified when walking at the strand I saw groups of people addicted to their phones searching for unrealistic animals in the real life. I feel completely disconnected from the Pokémon mania, even though I grew up watching the cartoon series.

I love feeling the moment when I am in a new place.  I take photos but then I suddenly become absorbed by nature and try to understand people around me.

I’ve found a lot of good spots along the Ross River: you can swim, lay in the sun (use your sun protection!), go jogging on the paths, ride a long board or climb trees and jump  into the river.

If you wanna be independent and do what you want just ask your Aussie friends what to do.

Don’t give up even if you receive negative feedback. Just be keen and get involved!

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