Kessia Virah-Sawmy: Adventures around Oz

This week I would love to share with you all of my amazing adventures during my lecture recesses. I know it is only a week long but trust me there is a lot you can do in 7 days. While most of my Aussie friends head home for the week, I am always keen to discover more and more about Australia.IMG_1729


Two years back, during my first semester at university, I lived on college and I met a bunch of Americans on exchange. Since they were here for just one semester, they were keen to do the maximum travelling they could while in Australia. One of them was travelling to Sydney during lecture recess so I told myself why not go along with her? This was truly an adventure for me; I had never done any holiday planning before and had never traveled without my parents. Betweenbooking accommodation, finding transport and deciding on what to visit, I can say that I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. Sydney was as amazing as we though it would be, if not even more. We visited the Sydney Opera house, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, got to see the city from above on top of the Sydney Tower and visited the Taronga zoo, which was huge but so much fun. While in Sydney we stayed at a backpacker’s hostel, which hosted mainly budgeting students like us. If you want to
meet people and spend the minimum on accommodation, then I would totally recommend staying at a backpacker’s place. One of the highlights of being in Sydney was being able to try so many different foods. I love eating and so I indulged myself in all that Sydney had to offer. Some of my favourites were eating a whole lobster at the Fish market, eating pancakes at Pancake on the Rock and tasting Malaysian food for the first time. IMG_2017


Northern Queensland


During another one of my lecture recess, a small group of us decided to visit Cairns and the Tablelands. So there we were, on the train to Cairns… Of course, going there means you have to see the Great Barrier Reef. We decided to pay the price and go on a live-aboard boat, which took us over to the reef. We got to stay on the boat for 1 night while doing 7 dives in the span of two days. My favourite dive was the night dive we saw sharks and some bioluminescent organisms. We then hired a car with one of the few agencies that had affordable prices for drivers under 25. After naming our car Jucy (that was what was written on the car), we drove up to the Cape tribulation while trying to find our way using our paper map we got from the tourist shop. Cap tribulation was superb with the rainforest on one side and the GBR on the other. This part of North Queensland is well known for its incredible views and walking trails. After getting lost and finding our way back, we continued our journey to the Tablelands where one of our Aussie friends welcomed us at her place. If there is one place you should see before leaving Australia, it is the Tablelands. It is so peaceful and full of nature’s wonders. I’ve seen the most breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and sceneries. I can say that I’ve seen some incredible things while in the tablelands, including a tree kangaroo.


I can’t wait for many more adventures while in Australia. I hope that I will get to visit the tablelands again but at the same time there are so many more places that I want to discover. So if I can give you guys an advice, don’t just sit around during lecture recess. Go and discover places. Use all the time you have here to see those breathtaking places Australia has to offer. With proper planning and friends who are willing to stay in budgeted places, you can have a great time during lecture recess while staying within your budget.

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