Kessia Virah-Sawmy: Being involved in and outside of university

3When I first came to university, I was both excited and scared about having to start over in terms of having new friends and being in a completely new country. But when I look back on it, it does not look that bad after all. I slowly got involved in various things that allowed me to meet people and really enjoy my time at JCU.

2.jpegBeing at university means that I get to do a whole bunch of interesting activities out of classes. Some of favourite things include playing music, going diving or spending time with my friends. One semester I joined the Ultimate Disc Club partly because some of friends were doing it but also because I decided that it was time for me to do a sport. Even though my friends would totally agree that I am not a sporty person, playing Ultimate Frisbee was one of the best decisions I have made. I will not lie, I was a truly terrible player but I had such an amazing time just playing with a fun group of people who on the other hand knew how to play. Who would believe that even with the worst player (me of course), my team would play in the finals that semester? Even though we did not win the finals, this will remain one of my best memories at JCU. Other than that, the JCU Christian Union is another group that I joined while at uni. Students in the group meet every week to read and talk about the bible. I have learned a lot on faith and God but I’ve also made some lifetime friends through this club.

4Another of my favourite activities is playing music. When I came to Australia, I carried my flute with me in the hope that I would somehow be able to play my instrument. Lucky me, I got to join the Townsville Concert band and it has been incredible to play music with other people who love music as much as I do. We have concerts every once in a while and it is always fun to share our passion with other people.

After 2 years at JCU I found that the more you get involved in and out of university, the more you meet people and make new friends and the more you get to immerse yourself in the Aussie culture.

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