Sydney Jones: Eating in Townsville

Now if you are like me and love good food and going out to eat this post is for you. I hail from Austin Texas and when I’m home I go out to eat probably 80% of the week so when I came to Townsville I was on the hunt for some good eats. In this post I’m going to talk about some of the great places to eat. (This post is obviously entirely based on my own opinion so judge all you want and they’re not in any particular order). 

Grill’d– They make some damn good burgers. Coming from the states I have pretty high expectations for burgers and these guys fit the bill. They have beef, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian burgers and they pride themselves in using local products as well as giving back to the community. You also can’t order a burger without trying some of they’re awesome chips (I personally love the sweet potato chips) on the side. Well priced and a good atmosphere, I highly recommend these burgers on Palmer street.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar– Yes this place is as amazing as the name sounds. They do so many things with chocolate and their chocolate tastes amazing. The chocolate fondue for two is very popular or my personal favorite is the chocolate mess party to share, which I hardly ever share J. Located on the 201 bus route and also conveniently by the BCC cinemas, visiting here could make a wonderful evening.

Guzman y Gomez– My favorite option for Mexican. If you love chipotle and are missing it dearly I’d encourage you to get your fix here. Zambreros is also popular for burritos but I personally prefer Guzman. They have burritos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, nachos etc. The ingredients they make are very fresh and have excellent Mexican style flavoring with your option of mild or spicy for every meat available. There are 3 different locations in Townsville in which one should not be too out of the way.

Donna Bionda– Hands down my favorite lunch spot. This cute little Italian restaurant is located in City Lane on Flinders street. The reason it is my favorite for lunch is that it changes day to day. Their dinner menu is set but the lunch menu seems to be what they have fresh or just whatever the chef feels like creating that day and it is all only 15$. Being a lover of Italian food it gives me the opportunity to try a different pasta every time I go and every one I have tried was delicious. I could write another paragraph on this place but at this point in the post you should already be driving there.

Rambutan– This place is actually the new hostel on Flinders street. Their top floor has a bar and offers lunch, bar snacks and dinner. The area itself looks like Pinterest exploded on it, in a good way so it’s a fun place to head to with some friends for food and drinks. My favorite thing on the menu is the crab cakes but I’d pretty much eat anything from there.

Peppi Peppi– This place is authentic Italian at its best and the quality is at the same level you would find in Melbourne. That saying it is pretty pricey for the student budget but one of my favorite things about this restaurant is the Sunday breakfasts. Everything is under 20$ and it is seriously delicious. Take it from someone who is an avid brunch goer, this is my favorite place to have breakfast/brunch. It is also located next to Reading cinemas in Cannon Park, which makes for a nice Sunday activity.

I could go on with more places but I don’t want this post to be insanely long to read. Some other places to look into are Cactus Jack’s/ Cactus Saloon (chocolate nachos are a must), Miss India, Masala, The Courtyard (really just city lane in general), IMC steakhouse, Betty Blue and the Lemon Tart, Squeeze me (acai bowls) and Nandos. Happy eating guys!

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