Introducing Riccardo Fiume

IMG_20160722_133244 Hi Everyone!

I’m Riccardo Fiume! I’m Italian and I’m going to spend the next 6 months at JCU, Townsville thanks to a European mobility program. My course is Sport and Exercise Science and I’m looking forward to getting into my Australian classes!

I love sharing moments with people  through social networks! Especially Facebook and Instagram because they give me the opportunity to keep in touch with my friends. I’m passionate about taking photos and shooting short videos! I’m really lucky to travel and study at the same time, so sharing my experiences is a way to share this adventure with others.

I studied abroad in Spain for a year (September 2014 – July 2015) and it was the greatest time of my life! Travel while studying is the best way to connect yourself with a mix of emotions. You experience a completely different life, because you have to do everything on your own. You are catapulted into a new culture, experiencing a new university, new flatmates, and new languages. It’s like reconditioning yourself from the bottom to the top! It seems easy and quick…but it’s not.

IMG_20160722_125509If you want to follow my story and be a part of it, follow my adventures through my blog posts here at JCU Connect.


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