Introducing Sydney Jones

10427692_10152564387617572_9216874699430127289_nHello! My name is Sydney Jones I am halfway through my three-year undergraduate Marine Science degree at JCU. I am originally from Austin, Texas and before transferring to JCU I attended Florida State University and Auburn University, it is safe to say I’m an American football fan and now turned rugby fan since living here, go maroons!

I first came to Australia in September 2014 after I had applied for the opportunity to intern on a dive boat in Cairns for ten weeks through a study abroad program. I was not happy where I was at and all it took was one decision to turn all of that around.

13100802_10153724467517572_549930045848555186_n (1)During my time in Cairns I was living the dream spending five days a week out on the Great Barrier Reef, I worked with an incredible crew and made great friends so it’s not hard to believe that about halfway through my time there I started looking into JCU. I knew my time in Australia wasn’t finished and I knew I had not learned everything Australia and an international experience had to offer.

JCU was the only option for me when it came to a university over here because I had fallen in love with far North Queensland. The landscape leaves so much to explore and the never-ending summer is always a nice perk. Even though there is a Cairns campus, Townsville ended up being the better fit for me and for my degree. It’s nice to have Cairns only a few hours up the road whenever I need to get away and feel a bit at home since it is where it all started.

I have learned so much through my time here and I am incredibly excited to be writing these blogs to try and express how much I believe in international experiences and specifically in the one you could have at JCU. I’d love for y’all to follow me on instagram @sydfjones to keep up with my adventures and read the blog posts!

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Sydney Jones

  1. Barbara sullivan says:

    Great post! I love to read about your experiences and see the incredible photos you post. Thanks for sharing such a great education.

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