Olivia Lee: Aloha means hello and goodbye

20160723_135952To my surprise, the holidays came to an end and a new semester started at JCU. I felt equivalent to being pushed out of bed, something not so different from the first day of class where I delayed getting up to the last possible minute. The past 5 weeks of break was amazing, only making starting classes even harder. Despite unfortunate incidences that resulted in my internship plans getting cancelled, I substituted that with having a notoriously good time in Papua New Guinea, Bali, and Sydney. Some of the highlights and lessons I’ve learnt from the past semester to follow:-Meeting new people from different backgrounds will never get boring.

-I can plan my semester as best as I can but I will still be pulling all-nighters.

-My friend and I have the capability of cooking a pretty awesome 7 dish dinner.

-You CAN skewer 200 pieces of chicken satay with help from friends.

-Some people will not pay $3 for 2 sticks of satay (work, rejected).

-Playing Capture The Flag in the dark with glow sticks is super fun!

-A friend you’ve known for 1 month can be just as close as a friend you’ve known for a year.

-The outskirts of PNG are beautiful, untouched, pristine, and majestic. These are the sort of places you show to people to get them interested in wildlife conservation.

-Birdwatching from 5am and seeing the sun rise over the mountains is an experience to cherish.

-Getting separated from Asian food only makes me overstuff myself when I get the chance to eat it again.

-Sydney is beautiful and the outskirts of Sydney is even more picture-worthy. Sand dunes in New South Wales? I didn’t know that.

-Don’t let your fear of the outcome of a situation stop you from doing it.

Match the pictures with the point!

16620160620_080139 176
Over the next couple of weeks, watch out for any trips the Student Association have planned to Magnetic Island, Crystal Creek, or Billabong Sanctuary. If you’re keen for a night out, the Full Moon Party is just around the corner and it won’t be long before the various clubs and societies organise their respective pub crawls.



The lecture theatre doubles as a party ground during O-Week

In the end, there’s always a brief period of nostalgia I have when a semester starts that my surroundings haven’t changed but everyone in it constantly is. I suppose there’s never any way to say goodbye without having the resignation that you won’t be able to replicate the experiences of the people you’ve met or the places that you were in. The past 5 months of semester one would have filled a book, but could just as easily have been filed as a singular time in my life. With that in mind, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and welcome another term of total unknown!



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