Olivia Lee: Lecture Recess

PhotoGrid_1460969624101(From top left to bottom right: Air, Earth, Water, Fire)

Earth Day was approaching and it was time to yarn bomb the living daylights out of the University! It really felt as though we spent the entire day yarn bombing, from 9am to 4pm, we yarn bombed 4 different spots representing the 4 different elements (air, earth, water and fire) of Earth. The other members of our knitting/crochet club were visibly tired but as we laid down our needles to witness the spectacle of coordinated colour cumulated in months of hard work, we knew we did alright. Besides providing ample cushion around campus, we put up information cards on each element and how that aspect has been affected by climate change.

Besides assisting the yarn bomb, I was also on the JCU Asian Cultural Association committee and had to help organize a Burmese New Year. Typically, Thingyan is celebrated by dousing each other with water to wash away past year’s bad luck. We prepared water balloons and Burmese glutinous rice ball desserts…I had to put my phone away after that as people were getting really savage with hitting me with water balloons and even using icy water when the balloons ran out. It was a fun event and I loved that our committee was getting along well and pulling our own weight. We’ve already got a few cool ideas on our slate, and I’m hoping some of them come into fruition!


(Either eat or get hit!)

20160416_165711 After all that preparation and planning, I thought I’d let someone else take over and be the guest instead at the LASA (Latin American Student Association) Party where everyone dances to Latin music. The LASA team hold the party each semester and I make it a point to attend because it’s always great fun and they have it right before lecture recess starts when everyone can finally distress after handing in a bunch of assessments.


20160415_220109As an extra treat for myself and a couple of friends, we attended a Tasmanian Food & Wine Event in the city where we could buy food based on classic Tasmanian ingredients, such as salmon, scallops, and oysters. Needless to say, I was happy and satisfied with a belly full of good food. Coming from South East Asia where cheap food is quite literally handed to you in a bowl while you’re standing at the market, I really missed being able to look at and choose a variety of food. An entire post of Malaysian recreations I’ve tried will definitely be up and coming! PhotoGrid_1460969872924

To end the week on a high note, a couple of friends and I went to Little Crystal Creek. By now, it feels like any swimmable area in Queensland has the word “creek” attached to the back of it. This is a really popular swimming spot an hour’s drive north of Townsville. What isn’t so popular is going with a group of really adventurous people who insist on literally scaling rock walls to reach the best spot. As a result, I have this beautiful photo to show you!
(Shout out to the guy in red pants who was sent back down to get the cameras and climb back up again)2016-04-24 22.43.26

The best part about swimming is getting hungry and eating again!


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