Meet the International Student Support Team



The Townsville International Student Support Team (L-R) – Louise, Lee, Tristan, Katherine & Alex

The International Student Support Team is responsible for assisting international students prior to their arrival in Australia, supporting them during their time at JCU and assisting students towards the completion of their studies.

The team organises and delivers the International Student Orientation that takes place before the start of each semester providing crucial information to all the newly arrived international students. They also organise regular events for students in Townsville and in Cairns some of which include Free Lunch Fridays and the weekly Café International (free coffee & live music).


Louise (Manager International Student Support)
Alex (International Sponsored Student Advisor)
Tristan  (International Student Advisor)
Katherine (International Student Support Officer)


Christine (International Student Advisor)
Together the team boasts decades of combined experience in working with international students. They speak several languages and have travelled all around the world. Their hobbies include netball, playing music, climbing Castle Hill, making homemade chilli sauce, singing, reading books, cooking, martial arts, building African drums, gardening, bike riding, woodwork, fitness activities, camping and more!

To get in touch with the International Support team refer to the Current students contact page.

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