Cedric: Doing the best you can in exams

James Cook University Townsville North Queensland

The exam period is here and with it comes a lot of stress, late night snacking, and cramming. As a new student I know that one of the things I was most concerned about was exams and whether or not I would be able to do well. Final tests and assessments can vary a lot by the subjects you’re enrolled in, but the unifying theme among exams is that they are challenging. Here are a few recommendations I have for dealing with, and preparing for, exams: 

  • Spread out your studying. Cramming the night before, even if you spend just as much time with the material, is not nearly as effective as studying over the course of a few days. Try your best to study for each test a little bit each day leading up to your exam.
  • Remember to take care of yourself. Some people get very caught up in studying and forget about some of the essentials for your own personal well-being. Eating healthy, drinking water, sleeping a reasonable amount, and showering are some of the forgotten activities that can help you feel better when you need it most.
  • I mentioned this already but it’s worth mentioning again: sleep. Cramming for one more hour probably won’t make a huge difference on your resulting marks, but another hour of sleep could. Napping can help, but there’s no substitute for full night of rest.
  • Study with friends. It can be helpful to review materials with your peers in order to get others’ opinions on topics and hear how they understand and remember given concepts. Anything from discussing material, quizzing each other, and more can be helpful.
  • Reward yourself. Studying is important and getting high marks is integral to your future endeavors, but don’t forget to take breaks from studying now and then to maintain your own sanity.

This time of year is stressful for everything and each person will deal with their anxiety and assessments differently. I hope this helps put some of your worried thoughts at ease. Remember that finals do not last forever and that as long as you keep everything in perspective they are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful break!

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