Casey: Exploring new depths and reaching new heights

Reaching New HeightsIt is THAT time of year! The last of assignments are being madly scribbled, the library is slowly filling with panicked faces and the crack down for exam period well and truly underway. Not only is this a stressful and scary time for most, for me it is also a time for reflection. 

(Photo: Reaching new heights)

This isn’t just the end of another semester, this is the end of an amazing and life changing experience. Studying abroad, discovering new places, meeting new faces, new dreams and new ambitions. This is what it’s all about.  I have one more year left of study when I return home to the  UK. While that is terrifying, it is also exciting. It’s almost time to be released into the crazy exciting world! A lot of my closest friends back home are graduating and the thought of them not being there during my final year sucks. It is scary and strange and makes me not want to return.

DCIM326GOPRO(Photo: Just be happy)

But it isn’t awful, it’s just different. I am going to miss them, just like I’m going to miss all the awesome friends I have made here in Townsville, Australia. I have had the privilege of meeting such a diverse group of people who are now my friends. I am trying not to think about how I’m going to have to leave them in a couple of months. Instead I’m thinking about how they all enriched my life. How they MADE my Study Abroad experience for the best.

Casey Images(Photo: Exploring new depths)

So when you’re stressing about an assignment or an exam, remember that university is not just about assessment. Work hard and do your best, but take the opportunity to make new friends and try new experiences.

You are not defined by a number, you are not defined by others’ opinions of you.You are YOU and you are awesome!

Embrace the change! Live every day!

Be forever thankful for just having the opportunity to BE and make the most of your university experience! 🙂

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