Cedric: Free outdoor fun near JCU


If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend and don’t want to spend much money, I have a couple great suggestions! The first, visit Townsville’s Palmetum which is within walking distance of the Townsville campus. The second, visit the Paluma Range which is about an hour out of JCU Townsville by car. Both places are definitely worth checking out and neither will cost you a thing (apart from transportation). 


The Palmetum is a beautiful botanic garden in Townsville very close to JCU. They have numerous trails you can explore which display different species of plants from various ecosystems and continents. This would be a great place to visit to de-stress before any upcoming exams you may have or if you just want to see some of the local tropical plants and animals! There is also a path down to the river from The Palmetum, offering more pleasant walks and wildlife to encounter.


Paluma Range is about an hour’s drive north of JCU. This mountain range offers beautiful creeks with swimming holes (Little Crystal Creek and Big Crystal Creek), as well as rainforests to explore. The water is perfectly clear and very refreshing on a hot day. There are also rock slides and trails to explore. If you continue along the road after the swimming holes you’ll eventually get to the small town of Paluma at the top of the mountain. This is a neat little town to explore with more hiking trails through the rainforest and some beautiful lookouts over the rest of the Paluma Range to enjoy.

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Both of these trips are well worth the time and I enjoyed them very much! If you want any more information about either of them don’t hesitate to contact me (cedric.hagen@my.jcu.edu.au)! Be safe and happy exploring!


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