Julia: How to not lose your nerves before you go overseas

As an international student from Germany, I know exactly how it feels to move to a country where there are limited opportunities to speak in my native language. In Australia I have do to the best I can with the English lessons I was taught while at school. Of course I worried plenty before I left Germany. I was worried about all the challenges I’d have to face, misunderstandings in daily communication, the disadvantage of writing assignments in a second language. Also financial issues would play a part in making me nervous. On top of that I was worried about being homesick or that Australia’s dangerous animals would get me. Would life in Australia be in any way similar to what I was used to in Germany? But seriously, now (12 weeks into the semester) I laugh at all the anxieties I had before arriving because they were totally unnecessary. Maybe it was just so easy for me because I landed in exactly the right spot in the world; I’m now with the most open-minded people and the uni is prepared for international students from all over the world. 



Here are some points that should calm you down and make you less nervous about studying overseas:

  • You have passed a language test that gives the permission to apply to study at JCU. Take this as a guarantee that your English is good enough.
  • Various services at JCU are there to give support to you for finding jobs, accommodation; provide financial recommendations; assist with health, psychological issues and learning barriers.
  • Thousands of other international students share your problems and are happy to get to know you. Really – it is hard NOT to find friends here 😀
  • Australia is a very relaxed, beautiful country full of relaxed, friendly inhabitants. I haven’t been homesick once.
  • The “I am not from here”-bonus (including your cute accent) makes you not only interesting to locals but allows you to come up with the silliest questions and problems and still get a helpful hand or advice. Never hesitate to ask.
  • Numerous other young people before you have managed a semester abroad. Why shouldn’t you?

When you send out a smile into the world here, you get one back! Be open-minded, extroverted and look forward to one of the best times ever. I promise that you won’t be disappointed! 😉

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