Cedric: Kangaroo Selfies at Billabong

Three friends and I decided it was finally time to meet some kangaroos, animals unique to Australia! So we headed to Billabong Sanctuary to do just that.

Cedric: Images

Located just a short drive from JCU Townsville, Billabong Sanctuary is a great place for everyone to get up and close with many of the animals unique to Australia. Billabong Sanctuary is one of the few places in Queensland visitors can hold a koala – so international students should definitely take advantage of this if they want a photo with a koala (or a wombat or crocodile). 


Kangaroos and native birds roam the sanctuary freely, and visitors are given plenty of opportunities take selfies or stroke the animals. Visitors can buy bags of seeds which can be used to feed the animals that wander the sanctuary. There are many interesting animals in exhibits to see including cassowaries, wombats, and crocodiles. The sanctuary offers many informative sessions throughout the day and I made sure to attend as many of these as I could. I was able to feed a cassowary, pat a koala and a wombat, feed turtles, and watch crocodiles get fed.


If you do decide to visit Billabong Sanctuary I would definitely suggest you check out the schedule for the day and make sure you make it to the crocodile feeding session. You get to watch the zoologists feed these amazing animals, which leap out of the water for their meal and even chase the keepers around the enclosure (they assured us that the feeders were safe at all times – no worries)! Since I’ve been in Townsville many people have suggested that I check out Billabong Sanctuary and I can now say, and recommend, with confidence that it makes for a great day trip!


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