Casey: “But what if no-one likes me?”

One of the most common worries for both guys and girls embarking on a study abroad journey is the thought ‘what if I don’t make any friends’? I felt just the same.

What if there was no one similar to me and everyone just shunned me? Well I can tell you now, DO NOT WORRY!

The great thing about university is the diversity of people, different cultures, different backgrounds, different interests and like-minded people. Within the first few weeks of arriving here at JCU, I knew I had made friends for life (and I’m not just talking about the possums and wallabies…).

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If you put yourself out there, get involved in activities that interest you  then you are bound to find people that you’ll get along with.

I decided to live in a share house rather than living on campus. I thought this might have created some obstacles for me meeting new people. However, if you use the Orientation week (O-Week) to put yourself out there and get ahead in what can only enhance your study abroad adventure, you will be laughing with a new group of friends before you know it. The university itself also hosts events such as ‘Rendevouz Tuesday’ and ‘Free Lunch Friday’ among other excellent events to meet fellow international students as well as Australian students.

So, in summary:

  • Smile and say hello 🙂
  • Get involved
  • Be open to friendships forming and,

rooftop pool

If you do all of these things you will no doubt enrich your experience here at JCU; helping you to achieve things you may have not thought possible.

For more advice on making the most of your JCU experience read 5 tips for International Students.

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