Julia: The Never-Ending Wonders of Australia

Millstream falls 3

Over the Easter weekend, me and a friend joined a group of people to go on a camping trip at the Undara National Park, South-West of Cairns. On the morning of Good Friday about 12 of us coming from all parts of the city started a 4 hour car journey into the Australian outback! During our drive up to the Tablelands and through the volcanic landscape we came across the amazing crater site at the Mount Hypipamee National Park. Further West we went to the beautiful Millstream Falls, where you can swim in the natural water pool directly above the falls, originally formed by the lava flow. 


crew on the mountain

As we continued our trip, the scenery changed from wet tropical rainforests to a beautiful Eucalyptus forest. The camp site in the National Park was located in a remote are far from every other village. A red, old train with old-fashioned furnished cabinets was used as the reception, restaurant and pool area. What a lovely place! We felt like we had gone back in time.

Sunset heart

The weekend was a time to relax and enjoy an Australia BBQ, as well as hike through the region. We even had the chance to watch the sunset and the moon rise from the top of a mountain close to the camping area. It was a breath taking moment. But the highlight of the trip was a guided cave tour on Saturday morning, where we were led by a trained outback expert through the volcanic tubes and explored stone formations, wildlife, ecology and so much more. The history of this landscape is very fascinating and you can learn a lot about the geological past of North Queensland.



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