Cedric: In Search of Koalas

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Last weekend I visited the beautiful Magnetic Island. Maggie, as the locals call it, is a short 20 minute ferry ride from downtown Townsville. You can clearly see it from the many beaches in Townsville, but its true beauty can’t be seen until you are there in person. The island has many fun and exciting things to do, such as snorkeling, hiking, beaches to explore, wildlife excursions, and more! Also, one of the perks of being a JCU student is that you get discounted fares for the ferry and the buses on the island, so traveling to, from and around the island is simple and cheap. 


My friends and I chose to do a couple different hikes through one of the large national parks on the island. We went out looking for exotic animals unique to Australia. We saw a wild koala, tons of huge spiders, and the remnants of an old military base. We ordered fish and chips for lunch and headed to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day. There are stinger nets at many of the popular beaches so you can swim all year round. There are plenty of rocky areas around the beach margins to explore. The beaches are beautiful with calm waters and nice sand to lounge on and there are many trails to explore.


Magnetic Island also hosts the Full Moon Festival, a monthly festival held once a month during full moons. The festivals have live music, food and a dancing circle out on the beach under the stars. The festivals are supposed to be loads of fun. I didn’t have the opportunity to go during my trip, but I hope to soon while I’m here in Townsville.


Magnetic Island is a lot of fun and is a MUST SEE destination in Townsville! With all the fun things to do, I recommend you visit more than once if you want to experience all Maggie has to offer!


For more information on Magnetic Island, activities to do on the island and/or arranging accommodation, please visit TripAdvisor.

To travel to Magnetic Island please visit Fantasea Cruising Magnetic.

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