Alejandra: Re-discovering Townsville

_MG_6815With lots of work to do over the course of the semester, sometimes we forget to enjoy our time in Australia. During the Easter break, a friend of mine visited me here in Townsville. So we set out to explore the city. We went for a bike ride along the Ross River. My friend, who enjoys taking photographs, was delighted with the scenery and the many birds. However, after a 2.5 kilometre ride, I was a little disappointed because I had promised my friend we would see some kangaroos. All of a sudden, they appeared out of nowhere! Imagine how cool it is to be only a few metres from a kangaroo (Australia’s most iconic animal). It was very exciting for my visiting friend and for me also. 

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Then we went to the Strand (the road that follows the coast of the beach).  The Strand is a seaside foreshore with a 6 km sidewalk, a rockpool, barbeques grills, and an amazing view of Magnetic Island. On the Strand we participated in a a Drum circle. In the drum circle, we were allowed to play various drums following the rhythms of the instructors in the company of very nice people. The environment was full of good energy, it was funny and entertaining.

The following day we visited Reef HQ, the largest living coral reef aquarium. We were impressed by the tunel-aquarium where we could see sharks, turtles, and many sets of fish and corals. We finished our day on the beach. We swam inside the safety net to protect ourselves from marine stingers. How exotic (dangerous) that does that sound?


_MG_7019Finally we went to Billabong Sanctuary to see, feed, and hold native Aussie animals: kangaroos, koalas, and wombats among others. We also go to see dingoes, cassowaries and crocodiles, from a distance. It was amazing to be in the presence of these animals. Animals that are unique to this country. Then, we enjoyed the sun by heading over to the Riverway Lagoon. By the end of the weekend, we finished exhausted but happy, recognising that Australia, more specifically North Queensland cities, have so much to offer. You simply need to be in the mood to find out why this country is so beautiful.


Enjoy your time in Townsville:

Reef HQ:

Billabong Sanctuary:

Riverside lagoon:

Drum circle:

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