Hilda: Australia in film, Australia in person


Last weekend, my friend and I drove down to Bowen. My friend (also a postgraduate student at JCU) was doing a public health assessment project on community profiling and she chose to use the Bowen community as her sample. Hence why we chose to visit Bowen.



Bowen is a small town about 2 hours drive south from Townsville. When we arrived there, we met up with a friend who was kind enough to offer us a tour of the whole town: he took us to the cafe on the hill (which was such an amazing experience as we got to see the whole town); we saw beaches with clear blue water surrounding the coastline and the islands. Afterwards we went down to Bowen wharf. This for me was an interesting spot to visit when I found out that scenes from the 2008 film Australia (one of my favourite films) were filmed here. It was the scene where the ships arrived from England bringing Lady Ashley (Nicole Kidman) and where she met Drover (Hugh Jackman). Those scenes were all filmed here in Bowen!


Australia (2008 film)

After visiting the wharf we continued on to visit the famous Bowen Mango sculpture. Bowen is one of the places in Queensland with leading horticulture industry, farming of tropical fruits and vegetables (such as mangoes) which attracts seasonal workers from neighbouring regions.


In the evening, we went to the Whitsundays to watch the sunset. I think Bowen has some of the most beautiful picture-perfect spots to watch the sunset. After the sunset, we went to one last spot. We laid down on the floor, watching the stars, chatting, and just enjoying the beautiful fresh night sky from the lookout. By 8pm, we left and my friend and I drove back to Townsville. It was one awesome weekend adventure!


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